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ShareMyYacht.com is the emerging portal for boat owners to unite with people who want to experience the water but do not own boats. ShareMyYacht.com provides the means for boat service providers and boat owners to quickly and easily reach each other.

For the boat owner, ShareMyYacht.com offers the most cost effective means to advertise the availability of charters, leases, rentals, trades and partnership opportunities.

For the person who does not own a boat, but would like to experience the yachting life, ShareMyYacht.com enables them to find just the right vessel, in the right location, with the right amenities, for the right price. In addition to finding the right boat already listed, non-boat owners can place ads that can unite them with boat owners looking for potential partners, renters, etc. Non-boat owners can also search by location, amenities, price, or services for any potential yacht owner who may offer what they are looking for.

As any boat owner knows, finding the right service providers to maintain their vessel is a challenge. ShareMyYacht.com allows even small service providers the means to effectively advertise their services such as: bottom cleaning, topside cleaning, mechanical, and crew services. Those looking for services now have a way to find such services in their area.

Finally, for anyone looking for a place to keep their boat, they need to find the right marina or storage facility. ShareMyYacht.com offers both the marina and boat owners the ability to find each other.